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I coined a phrase for my art as ”Fashion Fusion” a blend of Fashion Illustration, Pop and Contemporary Art, based on suggestive drawing
or (simpliied drawing). "I keep it simple and to the point using as little definition as possible and no real hard lines.   "My art is created in a simplified manner. I work mostly with ink, watercolor, marker, pastel, pencil and acrylic. Those mediums lend themselves to my style as you will see".
The original canvases were digitally photographed and edited by the artist to create April Anselona's Retail line "Aprils Art Studio" 

April Anselona: Artist and Designer.

The April's Art Studio Brand ( was created by Artist and Designer April Ansleona to reflect off her original works of

art and illustration that spans through a 28 year period.

April's art has been published in National publications including "L' Art de Vivre " Sun Sentinal, Season Fashion Magazine, Women's Wear Daily

and twice in Beckett Publications, (Sports Magazine) who also recognized her twice with an honorable mention.
Her work has appeared in numerous periodicals including a featured piece published in the hard cover table book limited edition of Marilyn In art .

"Aside from my originals, I wanted to find a way to transfer my art onto different products to create a retail line and offer it to people who may

not be able to afford an original or would just love to own a piece of art from the April's Art Studio collection."

April has been an Artist and Illustrator since the age of 16. Her main focus is Fashionable Faces, Figures, Scenes and Popular Objects. Her style is loose,

fluid and effortless. April has executed ways to apply her art on different surfaces using different methods of printing and hand embellishment that are

used to create her open and limited edition retail line.

April's creative talent and eye for design has landed her positions as an Art Director, Stylist and Visual Designer. Her talents have been used in many Movies,

Music productions, Publications, CD Covers and Photo Shoots. Her original art work is commissioned by Private individuals, Interior Design Firms, Casinos,

the Hospitality Industry and a wide spectrum of publications. April's original art is sold throughout the United States. She is an honored member of the

Biltmore's Who's Who.

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